EDI Case Studies

Over the last twenty years we have worked on [hundreds] of EDI projects some of which are showcased below. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific business needs.

EDI Analysis, Design and Consultancy – UK Beverage Manufacturer

The Challenge

A leading UK beverage manufacturer and distributor is building a new factory and changing their ERP Software. They need to revaluate their EDI requirements as they expand to suit the infrastructure of a larger company that they have rapidly become.

The Challenge

Worked as part of a wider EDI team but focused on the design interim message set using the To-Increase integration tool – out lining the added capability and requirements of a more sophisticated ERP system and future proofed EDI requirements.

Laid out those requirements and developed their RFP documentation for client as the went out to the EDI Software/managed service market for tenders to their new requirement.

The Challenge

Created a new canonical file structure for the client that allowed a plug in and switch flexibility for a future EDI Supplier

Created a in-depth RFP document for the client to help select their new EDI Service provider.

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