Connecting businesses with clients for twenty years.

The Dynamic Consultancy

We are a small but dynamic integration consultancy with 20 years of experience in the “Industrial e-commerce” business…primarily EDI.

We have been advising, designing, developing and implementing processes for businesses wanting to integrate their systems and communicate with their business partners.

We have worked with, and on behalf of, some of the leading integration solution providers in the world and have used a number of the multitude of integration tools on the market.

We have extensive experience of a wide variety of markets, including Logistics, Retail, Pharma and Manufacturing to name but a few. Each have their own idiosyncrasies that have given us a unique insight into problem solving and solution building.

Our aim is to assist others on the journey towards business integration, be that assisting them communicate with their external trading partners or assisting in developing a fully integrated and scalable IT architecture for current and future growth.


We offer a specification consultancy where we will transfer your requirements in to real specifications that either we, our partners, or any other integration provider can pick up and continue with your integration journey.

& Development

We can take your specifications and requirements and work with your chosen integration software/service provider. For our partner products we will be able to develop the solutions for you or work as your Integration Project Manager and oversee the development and implementation on your behalf.


Our project management service takes the stress out of big or small I.T. changes. Our experienced team will be on hand to offer help and support throughout the process, starting from the planning phase right through to oversight of the implementation.

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